Fresh Stuffed Mussels

Fresh stuffed mussels contain high amount of protein and omega. With the recommendations of the specialists it’s very healthy to consume these products regularly.

You can find best stuffed mussels in our complexes at Çanakkale’s and Marmara’s best quality hatchery and make a good choice about your health.

The mussels are bring to our facilities daily as fresh and mixed with the special base before they headed to processing for cooking then they’ll packing for the delivery.

Fresh Stuffed Mussels

Gallipoli Sea Products

1 kg package contains 40-50 mussels. The package contains can be increase by kg with requests.

Storage informations for stuffed mussels ;
FRESH STUFFED MUSSELS : Keep and transport at 0 ℃ / +4 ℃
SHELL LIFE : 30 days after packaging.

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