Forget all the mussels you eat until today because we’re introducing you the best mussels hatchery at Marmara region which become the pearl of the Çanakkale: Gelibolu/Gallipoli Sea Products and Food Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd.

Begin at 2012 our mussels producing company become the best mussels hatchery in Çanakkale and Marmara region, our basic products are:

  • Alive Bivalve Mollusks
    • Mediterranean Mussels
    • Tellen - Tellina
    • Akivades – Japan
  • Processed/Frozen Bivalve Mollusks
    • Pasturized Tellen – Tellina (with complete Shell)
    • Pasturized akivades – japan (with complete Shell)
  • Stuffed Mussels
    • Fresh Stuffed Mussels
    • Frozen Stuffed Mussels

Our company also has 2 Mediterranean Mussels hatchery. These hatcheries are located far from risk zones to protect our products from any microbiological and chemical pollution.

Bivalve mollusks such as oyster, mussels, clam, akivades and tellina contains high amount of protein and omega with the recommendations of the specialists it’s very healthy to consume these products regularly. From the best mussels hatchery at Çanakkale and Marmara regions you can found these specially made mussels, bivalve mollusks and stuffed mussels easily and start eating healthier for yourself

Our aquaculture facility which produce at the marmara region is located and approved by AB health and Europe standards, our aquaculture facility is also regularly supervise by Turkish authorized organization so you can enjoy our wide range products.

Bivalve mollusks or mussels are much more healthier than tuna therefore you should prefer our high nutritious Bivalve mollusks or mussels producing at our Çanakkale facility than tuna for your and your loved ones health.

The products are supplied from the approved aquaculture facilities which has the ministry of agriculture and forestry approval. With the approval of aquaculture products exportations, supervisions and health certificate arrangements at 29/06/2015 from the ministry the products are manufacturing by that standards.

Besides you can see frozen and refined products at our facilities too so your can buy multiple and keep longer for using later.

When you’re thinking about sea food the first product comes to mind is definitely is stuffed mussels, you can find fresh and frozen stuffed mussels at our facilities for your own or for your business. Our facility at çanakkale is known as best aquaculture facility about varieties of mussels and bivalve mollusks.

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