Gallipoli Sea Products and Food ind.trade.co.ltd. founded at 2002 and start working at 2004 at Gallipoli Çanakkale.

The total area of the complex is 1914 m2 with the 596 m2 indoor space. Bivalve mollusks and refined bivalve mollusks are present our facility.

Our company also has 2 Mediterranean Mussels hatchery. These hatcheries are located far from risk zones to protect our products from any microbiological and chemical pollution.

  • Alive Bivalve Mollusks
    • Mediterranean Mussels
    • Tellen- Tellina
    • Akivades – Japan
  • Processed/Frozen Bivalve Mollusks
    • Pasturized Tellen – Tellina (with complete Shell)
    • Pasturized akivades – japan (with complete Shell)
  • Stuffed Mussels
    • Fresh Stuffed Mussels
    • Frozen Stuffed Mussels



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