Gallipoli Sea Products and Food ind.trade.co.ltd. founded at 2002 and start working at 2004 at Gallipoli Çanakkale.

We have 2 cold storage depot with 20 ton/day capacity for the bivalve mollusk’s storage during the transport, 5 large seawater pool for the decontamination/ depuration, 5 large polyethylene pool and stations for packaging and transport.

Our company also has 2 Mediterranean Mussels hatchery. These hatcheries are located far from risk zones to protect our products from any microbiological and chemical pollution.

  • Alive Bivalve Mollusks
    • Mediterranean Mussels
    • Tellen- Tellina
    • Akivades - Japan
  • Processed/Frozen Bivalve Mollusks
    • Pasteurized Tellen – Tellina (with complete Shell)
    • Pasteurized Akivades – Japan (with complete Shell)
  • Stuffed Mussels
    • Fresh Stuffed Mussels
    • Frozen Stuffed Mussels
    • Rice With Mussels

The products are supplied from the approved aquaculture facilities which has the ministry of agriculture and forestry approval. With the approval of aquaculture products exportations, supervisions and health certificate arrangements at 29/06/2015 from the ministry the products are manufacturing by that standards. Additions to the ministries weekly, monthly and yearly supervisions and cyclic surveys our products are regularly analyze with e-coli/biotoxin/toxic phytoplankton, dioxin’s, chamfer analysis. Mussels without going through these analyses or any illegal poaching source mussels are not serve to market.

Our company is keep developing by exporting to AB(the European Community), countries out of AB and Middle east.

The purpose of our company is making healthy and high-quality products for foreign and domestic market while working for the technologic and scientific developments about bivalve mollusks sector.

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